Advanced Life Safety Technology

Fire Protection Systems

The Onyx Series of intelligent fire alarm systems can exceed the requirements of any size application.  All of the panels are expandable and can include voice control and networking capabilities.  The Onyx series also offers advance smoke sensing technology through intelligent sensing by using an advanced set of software algorithms that delivers rapid response to incipient fire signatures while substantially reducing nuisance alarms.  Fire protection is the most essential life safety system to protect occupants in your facility.

Access Control Systems

Superior Access Control can be obtained by offering scalable and dynamic system architecture with powerful features to meet a variety of today's application needs.  The combonation of intelligent controllers and cutting edge software minimizes installation and configuration time which allows the user to easily expand their system according to their requirements.  The open architecture makes seamless third party system integration available. Access Control has become a necessary life safety system to assure the occupants of your facility of their safety and security.

Security Code - Access Control System

Video Surveillance Systems

Advanced Video Surveillance System and software applications are provided by choosing the leading designer and manufacturers to provide the key component when you are selecting your equipment supplier, reliability.  We ensure the products we provide to our customers are built to the highest standards using only high quality, best in class components.  Whether you are using a Mac or PC, want to view your system through a smartphone or tablet, our systems are designed to be viewed seamlessly across all major platforms.  A universal on-screen set-up menu makes life easier for you, our customers.  Video Surveillance is essential for providing a complete life safety system the integration of all of the aforementioned systems ensures the safety and security of your students, patients, and staff.

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