Critical Communication and Control

Being able to communicate and control events especially in an emergency within your school district, health care facility or business is essential to ensure the safety and productivity of your students, patients, and staff.
School Hallways - PA System

Smart Solutions for Education

Working with the Telecenter U, we provide live paging district wide, to a group of facilities, or school by school; emergency notification and management that would allow you to take action quickly and confidently; front office to classroom communications; web-based scheduling for bells; clock synchronization and classroom sound reinforcement.

Linked through an IP-based network, you are able to integrate Telecenter U Campus Edition with other public address systems. From event management to everyday communication, we meet your communication needs. 

School Hallways - PA System


Healthcare Communications Solutions

Utilizing the Responder 5, we provide a complete integrated and easy to use communications system that helps nurses to provide the best possible patient care.

Fast, direct communication from a patient to the appropriate care giver's wireless phone or pager prevents errors in care, while saving time and effort producing a quiet, healing environment.
The system can be customized to support the way your nurses run their floors, so they can spend more time on what matters most; quality patient care.


Mass Notification

In a wide scale emergency, keeping people informed is critical to keeping them safe.  Utilizing Digital Voice Command Systems to broadcast live, real time emergency information to everyone in a building, campus of multiple facilities spread across a city, state...even the globe.  Mass Notification is the integration of fire alarm, emergency communication, interior and exterior speakers, and colored strobes that will alert and instruct the occupants of a building on the appropriate coure of action through the use of pre-recorded digital messages or through live messaging with a local microphone.

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